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Complimentary Shipping on all orders within the Continental USA and Canada


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Inspired by the beautiful botanical illustrations of Ferdinand Bauer, the abstracted tulip patterns paired with graphic stripes and deep, rich colours in this scarf will have you turning heads wherever you go. Dimensions are 16”X72” so this scarf is versatile enough to be worn in any number of traditional ways, or simply draped over your shoulders like a shawl or gorgeous wrap. 

Ethically handmade in Canada each item is made only after your order is placed: please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Fabrics & Features:

8mm Silk Habotai
  • Luxuriously lightweight and soft
  • Lustrous sheen enhances the beauty of printed designs
  • Drapes elegantly for a sophisticated look
  • Design is very clearly visible front and reverse (about 95% visible on back side of fabric)
12mm Silk Charmeuse
  • Silk charmeuse is one of the best known types of silk. It is shiny on the surface and matte underneath.
  • High shine enhances prints and the fabric has high drapability. Silk charmeuse flows beautifully and has a liquid-like texture which makes it feel wonderful to wear.
  • About 50% visibility of design on reverse side 
  • Can hold a structured fold better than a silk habotai
Silk Modal
  • Merges the softness of silk with the durability of modal
  • low luster and light texture of a slightly looser weave, fluid drape
  • Offers breathability and excellent moisture-wicking properties
  • 65% visibility of design on reverse side
Satin Charmeuse (Polyester)
  • Mirrors the sheen, drape  and feel of silk while offering enhanced durability of polyester
  • Affordability without compromising on the luxurious feel
  • Resistant to wrinkles and shrinkage, easy to care for
  • Design is about 40% visible on back side.
Polyester Chiffon
  • Lightweight and semi-sheer, perfect for a delicate look
  • Easy to care for, offering durability and long-lasting beauty
  • Low lustre, for those not wanting the sheen
  • Design is about 80% visible on reverse side

CARE Instructions:

  • Printed and sewn by hand in Canada.
  • Vivid print will not fade with wear or washing.
  • Hand wash in cold water, gentle detergent and hang to dry, can be ironed on the synthetic setting, or silk setting if needed
  • Silks are printed with a permanent reactive ink process that will not fade or wash away.